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Bartholomew Public library- free kids events

Columbus Events:

Columbus Parks and Rec- Events for kids 2-5years old


Foundation for youth

Kids Commons- Free activities or free admission

Qmix- Free family events

The Republic: Events

Did you Know? Brochure by Council for Youth Development
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Our Curriculum

Our parent curriculum was update in 2018 to meets the Indiana Early Learning Foundation standards.

Certified East High School Spanish Teacher, Brittany Sullivan has implemented STEM and Social and Emotional Learning topics to each age specific lesson as well as creating a resource website for the families to utilize. Year two curriculum created by Certified East Spanish Teacher, Kaneesha Chappell and Certified Northside Spanish Teacher, Raquel Contreras, also includes a resource website.

This update was funded by the Heritage Community Fund of Bartholomew County.

The 40 Developmental Assets® framework was created by Search Institute consisting of preventative measures, positive experiences, and qualities that young people need to grow up healthy, caring and responsible.


Young people need clear rules, consistent consequences for breaking rules, and encouragement to do their best.


Young people need to feel valued and valuable. This happens when youth feel safe and respected.


Young people need to be surrounded by people who love, care for, appreciate, and accept them.

Constructive use of time

Young people need opportunities—outside of school—to learn and develop new skills and interests with other youth and adults.

Commitment to learning

Young people need a sense of the lasting importance of learning and a belief in their own abilities.

Positive Identity

Young people need to believe in their own self-worth and to feel that they have control over the things that happen to them.

Social Competencies

Young people need the skills to interact effectively with others, to make difficult decisions, and to cope with new situations.

Positive Values

Young people need to develop strong guiding values or principles to help them make healthy life choices.